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Run 3 allows you to explore outer space. Run 3 is an addictive, endless platforming/running game where you play as a grey alien. The little alien is infringing on an area with limited architectural design. You must flee from the area that is prohibited because it contains more and more dangerous holes. You will be lost if you fall into any of the holes so watch out!

Run 3 is a race where you can see your sweat from your palms, as you tackle crazy obstacles in an alien environment. The laws of physics may not always apply to you. You don’t need to run in circles when there are tracks that will put more holes in your path as you go. This game can be played in outer space. It beats the gym or the park!

Check out the various game modes

There are two game modes available when playing Run 3. Exploration mode allows you to progress through the levels, while infinite mode allows you to test your skills with the arrow keys in an infinite version. This flash game is a great title for jump and run.


  • There are endless options: jump over obstacles, run along walls to alter gravity and help or hinder your gameplay
  • To help you survive, find new alien characters that have greater abilities
  • Unique graphics that combine 3D gameplay and a cartoon style
  • Simple controls make it easy to pick up and start the game