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Shell Shockers is a multiplayer FPS game that mixes eggs with guns. You can pick one of three game modes online, and then control one of these eggs with weapons to aim to eliminate your opponents with bombs and bullets. This is the ultimate egg-shooting experience online!

How to Play Shell Shockers

You can jump into the game to select your character’s name, personalize your egg, or pick one of three game modes. You must be cautious to defend yourself and to cause damage to eggs that are not yours. To determine if you’re able to take on the Shell Shockers arena, you can try every method.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play strategically

  • Act quickly

  • Collect egg ammunition

  • Think of eggs.

Different game modes


You can join either a red or blue team and fight the enemy eggs until your team has the most kills.


Each egg is intended for the sole use of the egg. You can shoot an egg if you see it. Except if you don’t want to be scrambled. This mode is only for one winner.

Captula the Spatula

Two teams battle for the spatula. The spatula-wielding team earns points, while the spatula team can lose points if a member of the spatula-wielding team dies.


There are seven main weapons available to Shell Shockers. Each weapon has its own pros and cons. A weapon like the Crackshot is great for people with exceptional aim. The Whipper is a great choice if you prefer spray-and-pray. The complete weapon list for Shell Shockers can be found here:

  • EggK47 is a classic medium-range automatic

  • Scrambler – high-damage shotgun

  • Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle equipped with a ranger free of charge

  • RPEGG – huge damage RPG

  • Whipper – Medium range rapid-fire rifle

  • Crackshot – bolt-action sniper rifle

  • TriHard – accurate medium-range burst-fire rifle

Shell Shockers Mobile

Avid Shell Shockers fans can now play on iOS Android users can sign up for interest on the Play Store.

This game is just one of many.

To find out more it is possible to browse our games online that are multiplayer. Blue Wizard Digital also published Merc Zone online FPS. Krunker and Forward Assault were two other shooting games. Forward Assault is a more realistic FPS game with raw competition.


  • FPS gaming at a faster pace

  • Unique theme for eggs

  • Different game modes

  • Customizing eggs and opening an online shop where you can purchase additional products


Blue Wizard Digital, which was previously known as the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus developed Shell Shockers. They also created other games such as Slayaway Camp or Space Tyrant.

Release Date

September 2017,


Web browser. The Android and iOS versions are also available.


How do you play Shell Shockers ?

  • Select Shell Shockers

  • Click Play to choose a username, a game mode, and then click Create.

  • You can also personalize your team and loadout

  • Explore the map and take out your enemies to get upgrades

Are Shell Shockers safe to use ?

Yes, Shell Shockers can be played in a safe manner. Some people may be concerned that it may contain guns. The cartoon is cartoonish, and there’s no real gun violence.


  • Gamepad now supports gamepads!
  • WASD to move
  • Click left to shoot
  • E to alter weapon
  • Q to throw a bomb
  • R to load the page
  • Jump with the Space Bar
  • Shift to zoom in, then shoot.

Video Walkthrough