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 offers one of the most well-known multiplayer games. Agario is an addictive MMO where you have to eat and be eaten in order to be a winner in the World of colorful cell. To advance, you must eat targets no bigger than yourself. Additionally larger objects must be allowed to roam farther or you will die. Start moving across the grid and try to get every ounce of color. To rule the world, you need to take food, grow and even divide.

You should try to get bigger and build the biggest cell that you can. They have excellent reflexes and are agile, staying clear of any enemies. To grow, make cells eat tiny colored dots. In chaotic multiplayer action, take control of the arena and devour other players.

Release Date

April 2015


  • Web browser

  • iOS app

  • Android app


Matheus Valadares, an Brazilian developer who founded at the age of 19!


  • This videogame allows you to devour smaller cells more quickly to grow.

  • There are four game modes that include Battle Royale

  • A system of accounts

  • Play with your friends

  • Playable in fullscreen

The evolution and the history of the game


Matheus Valadares launched via Fourchan on the 28th of April on. Matheus Valadares (a Brazilian developer aged 19) created the game using JavaScript and C++. It took just a few days. Players had to connect to Valadares IP address to play the game, which was not publicly announced.

An anonymous user from 4chan suggested the name “” later. Matheus added new features to the game within a week, and was added to Steam Greenlight.

Initial reviews

Initial feedback was mixed about the game’s release. Many people praised the game for its simplicity and game mechanics. Fans of the game even described the game as “a good abstraction of the fierce survival-of-the-fittest competition that you sometimes see on the microscopic level.” There were some complaints about the game’s simplicity. The majority of the criticism was focused on the repetitiveness of the game and poor controls in the mobile version. Tom Christiansen, Gamezebo’s Gamer told Gamezebo that the game was hard for him to focus and was repetitive in general.

The game’s success was an enormous success due to the fact that it was widely distributed via social media and broadcast on’s mobile app was downloaded over 10 million times within their first week. In 2015, it was the most popular video game played on Google. It was also the fifth most played game on YouTube’s top video games list for the year 2015. also appeared in House of Cards, a Netflix TV-series!


Use your mouse to play. To eject mass press W, and spacebar for splitting yourself.